Why You Should Switch to Dual Flush Toilets

Water is a limited supply but we have a growing population. The world’s water supply will not be enough for the next few decades. In the present, choosing a toilet for your household has become more difficult than it was before. Users must choose carefully from different models because there are a variety of excellent toilet designs available in the market.

The dual flush toilet is one of the modern toilet styles. It is becoming popular because of its economical design. Compared to its conventional counterparts, the dual flush toilet includes its original features integrated with excellent benefits that could put a smile on its users. If you are changing out the toilet in your home or in your office, choose and water friendly model. The best choice is the dual flush toilet. Below are a few benefits of installing a dual flush toilet.


Dual flush toilets save a massive amount of water.

The name “dual flush” only implies that these toilets have a dual operating mechanism. The two built-in buttons make this possible. It avoids inefficient flushing by using different water volumes. The dual flush feature allows users to flush their toilet wastes in either low or high volumes. Low volume flushing is suitable in draining liquid wastes such as urine. On the other hand, high volume flushing intends to drain out solid wastes. This results in a significant decrease in water consumption which can help households save water and money. This is the primary reason why dual flush toilets are called high-efficiency toilets. Based on collected data, a conventional toilet uses approximately 5 gallons per flush while a dual flush toilet decreases it to 1.6 gallons of water or less per flush.


Temecula dual flush toilet installationDual flush toilets save a huge amount of money.

A house can only function if you use electricity, gas and water utilities. So a home is not a home without utility bills. However, utility prices are increasing because of too much consumption while having a limited supply. This is considered to be a burden to consumers. Thus, they keep on finding ways to decrease their utility costs. Luckily, the use of dual flush toilets can significantly decrease your utility bills. It decreases your water consumption from between 1.6 to 5 gallons for old toilets down to on average 1.28 gallons. The decreased water usage can surely reduce the size of your monthly water bill. Certainly, it is a wise choice to install dual flush toilets in your home. You can save water and money.


Dual flush toilets save the environment.

Everyone is worried about the limited water supply. Most folks also wants to find a sustainable source. By over taxing our water supplies, we are destroying the natural environment and the water quality. It is true that we can save our environment if we implement water conservation. There are plenty of ways to save water. One of which is installing dual flush toilets in your home. We encourage you to use responsible flushing. That can decrease water consumption. You are hitting two solutions in one action. You are saving water as well as saving the environment.


Dual flush toilets are low maintenance equipment.

Dual flush toilets make use of gravity during flushing. It allows the equipment to operate more economically than the conventional ones. Dual flush toilets force a trap door to open near the toilet bowl during operation. Then, it flushes the waste away using water volume. The use of gravity assures clog prevention and decreases plunger usage. It also reduces the maintenance costs.

In general, dual flush toilets are an innovative type of toilets. It offers numerous benefits both economically and environmentally. You are indeed making a wise choice upon installation!

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