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Water Softener System – Soft Water System Installation – Soft Water Maintenance

The chances are that you are using hard water. You are washing and cleaning with a liquid packed with unwanted minerals and salts that can tarnish whatever they come across. If you have fancy cutlery, glassware, or even your hair, the chances are that they are damaged by now. Hard water is also bad for your skin. That’s why you need water softeners installed in your house, and R&R plumbing is here to provide you with the best deals when it comes to water softener installations. Our installation services would get your water softener set up and do its job in no time.

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Water Filtration System – Whole House Water Filter

There is no need to buy bottled water anymore after R&R installs a whole house water purifier. R&R plumbers are known for the quality service we provide. After installing a high-quality filter, your family will enjoy many benefits. Every time you take a shower, you want to smell fresh and clean. Unfiltered water may contain rust sediments. It affects the smell and appearance of cleaning, cooking, laundry and showering water. Also, these sediments may affect the taste of your beverages such as juices, and coffee. It will change their taste. Our whole house water purifiers (Halo Water Systems) are designed with a pre-filter. The filter traps sediments and leaves your water with a better taste.

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