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Ceiling-water-leak-2Figuring out the source of a ceiling water leak could be considered a painful, expensive puzzle. You might expect that identifying the issue is simple enough, but finding the source of water coming into your home is typically a job of trial and error. The place that water enters your house might not be the source. Water will always follow the path of least resistance until it reaches a low point or obstruction in its path where it will pool and leak. When R&R Murrieta Plumbing looks at a ceiling water leak, we first eliminate the most obvious issues.

Here are the questions that we will explore with the homeowner first:

    1. Did the leak occurs only during inclement weather or is it a problem in rain or shine. If the drip disappears between rain storms, this is a clue that the leak is on the roof. On the other hand, if the leak does not depend on the weather, the leak is caused by a water supply line.


    1. We then examine the water dripping from the ceiling. If the water is dirty, the source might again be on the roof. If the water appears clean, that is a good indication that it comes from a leaking pipe or fixture.


    1. We then visit the attic and find where the ceiling is wet between roof joists. If we see plumbing near the leak, we will carefully examine the water line for leaks and moisture.

Murrieta water leak

    1. Our technician will then look at the attic ceiling and identify spots where light shines through. We will put a straw thru the holes so when we visit the roof, we can identify tiles or holes that need to be repaired on the roof.


    1. At the same time, we will inspect the inside of the attic ceiling for water stains or water stain trails. We follow the trails to their source. If there is no holes in local water lines, we look for signs that the water is getting under roof flashing to cause the leak.


    1. Next, we go on the roof to check the roof’s exterior. Our staff will start at the top of the roof and systematically move down checking valley flashing, gaskets around plumbing vents and utility entrances. We will also inspect the flashing on the roof around the chimney, dormer vents or other protrusions on the roof. We will idenfify any tiles or shingles that need repair.


    1. The final issue we inspect on the roof are for gutters and downspout backups and clogs. When gutters clog they can cause leaks under flashing.


For honest and professional Murrieta and Temecula Plumbers, call R&R Plumbing. We will make quick work of your ceiling water leaks.