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R&R Lake Elsinore Plumbers offers FREE estimates! Our Lake Elsinore plumbing staff is rated 5-Stars by our customers.

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R & R Lake Elsinore Plumber is the Most Trusted & Professional Lake Elsinore plumbing service. We look forward to serving you soon!

Residential Plumbing

Lake Elsinore Residential Plumbing

R&R Lake Elsinore Plumbing has 20 years of experience helping Lake Elsinore homeowners. We will fix your plumbing and drain problems fast! We are licensed and insured. Our technicians drive fully-stocked vehicles with all the necessary equipment and tools.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to your complete satisfaction. Our Menifee Plumbing technicians are kind and well trained. Our 5-STAR honest services are available at unbeatable prices. 100% guarantee.

Industrial Plumbing

Lake Elsinore Commercial Plumbing

Call us at (951) 492-8609 when a Lake Elsinore commercial plumbing problem interrupts. Call for a clog or leak is damaging your property. We can diagnose and fix commercial plumbing FAST. Call if your plumbing is impacting customer service or worker productivity.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to your complete satisfaction. Our Lake Elsinore Master Plumbers are kind and well trained. Our 5-STAR honest services are available at unbeatable prices. 100% guarantee.

emergency plumbing service

15 Hour/Day Service

You can call us anytime you need us. Our Lake Elsinore Plumbers provide SAME DAY 6am to 9pm Menifee emergency plumbing services! We are happy to take your early evening calls about your plumbing needs. Our services include slab leaks and water heater service. Call 492-8609.

15 Hour/Day Service

Call us anytime you need us. Lake Elsinore Plumbing provides SAME DAY 6 am to 9 pm services! We are happy to take your early evening calls about Lake Elsinore plumbing needs. Services include slab leaks & water heater repair.

Guaranteed plumbing service

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to your complete satisfaction. Our Lake Elsinore plumbing technicians are kind and well trained. We have 5-STAR honest services at unbeatable prices. We provide a 100% guarantee on all our Lake Elsinore plumbing services.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to your complete satisfaction. Our Lake Elsinore plumbers are kind and well trained. Our 5-STAR honest services are available at unbeatable prices. 100% guarantee.

Lake Elsinore slab leak repair and 15-hour

Lake Elsinore emergency plumbing.

Lake Elsinore plumbing hot water heater repair near me.
Low-cost R&R Lake Elsinore Plumbers are Trustworthy.

Lake Elsinore plumber near me is affordable.

R&R is the Most Affordable Lake Elsinore Plumber Near You.
We are experts at Lake Elsinore Slab Leak Repair and Lake Elsinore Hot Water Heater Repair.

Call Today at (951) 492-8609 for a FREE Quote.

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R&R is NOW offering slab leak detection, wall and ceiling leak detection.

Homeowners should never delay repairing slab leaks. If mold starts to take hold, water damage is expensive to fix. Our professional detection and repair services minimize damage to your home. We will get your wall, ceiling, or slab leak under control quickly and at a fair price. Our Lake Elsinore Plumber is licensed for Lake Elsinore, CA. We also service all the surrounding areas in Riverside County, California.

We use a variety of methods for slab leak repairs. These include:

  • Direct repair and rerouting of Lake Elsinore slab leaks
  • Lake Elsinore slab leak detection affected pipe

After we locate the break, we will consult you about the alternatives for repairing the issue. Our goal is to achieve the least expensive, best repair possible.

Do you need a water heater repair? Call R&R Lake Elsinore Plumbing to schedule a FREE in-home meeting with one of our master plumbers. R&R only employs local, licensed, and insured plumbers. They will inspect your water heater and show you the needed repairs. If you call us at (951) 492-8609 before noon, we can repair or install water heaters on the same day. We service customers in Menifee. We also service Menifee, Winchester, Wildomar, La Cresta, Murrieta, and Temecula.

Murrieta Ceiling LeakOur Lake Elsinore plumbers are certified to service all major brands of water heaters. We have parts on our trucks to repair common water heater problems. These include leaking drains or pans, pressure-relief valves, and broken heating elements. We do everything possible to save our clients the expense of buying a new water heater. Remember that we offer 24-hour emergency plumbing.

You can trust our master Lake Elsinore plumbers to address all water heater services in 24-hours. We stand behind our labor with a one-year warranty. You will feel secure knowing that R&R guarantees our work. We stand behind the workmanship of our repairs, maintenance, and installation services. We have the most 5-star Yelp or Google reviews of any Temecula plumber or Lake Elsinore Plumber.

We have the MOST 5-STAR Reviews of all other Lake Elsinore Plumbers. Lake Elsinore slab leak repair, 15-hour Lake Elsinore emergency plumbing, Lake Elsinore hot water heater repair near me. Lake Elsinore plumbing is affordable.

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plumber - water leak repair      “I was fixing up a house to be quickly sold. We ended up with a few leaks that couldn’t be located or explained. Being 1,600 miles away, I had to take people’s word for things — that wasn’t easy! I luckily called R&R Murrieta Plumbing! He advertised a 15-hour/day emergency 24-hour plumber. Ryan showed up when he said he would — no excuses, no shenanigans! Ryan came to the house; found and fixed all the leaks in a very short period. These were the same leaks that three other plumbers couldn’t fix. To top off the excellent service, I got a bill that was so reasonable by comparison!!! If I add up all of the positive things to say about my experience with R&R, they deserve more than 5 stars! It’s how an independent business is meant to be run! They are a great hot water heater repair near me.”

Troy H,

plumber - water leak repair      10 stars, at least! Love when people show up on time. He called me to let me know when he would be coming. He was super fast and charged me less than he quoted. When has that happened before –> never. I would totally call this guy again for any job, big or small. So nice to find a plumber I can trust. Thank you!

Samantha R., Self Employed

plumber - water leak repair      I’ve been using Ryan as my plumber for 2 years now. He has had to come out to my place three times to fix a clogged drain and other issues. Every time he has come out, he shows up on time, is quick, and does great work. The price is very affordable also. I definitely recommend this company to anyone and everyone!

Nick T., Self Employed

plumber - water leak repair      R&R Plumbing provides quality work at a reasonable price. I have called them twice for emergency work, and I was thrilled, especially with the price. I was impressed with their quick response and ability to troubleshoot the problem. They also got the job done fast! I highly recommended them. You will not be happier.

Rudy T.,

plumber - water leak repair      Thank goodness there are still reliable and qualified companies out there. I have found a new plumber to use here in Murrieta. I emailed R&R plumbing on Sunday afternoon to try getting on their schedule for Monday. I didn’t expect a phone call from them until Monday morning. Low and behold, they called me within the hour on Sunday and put me on the schedule for early Monday morning. Ryan arrived as scheduled. He proceeded to fix my kitchen sink piping problem within minutes. Not only did he fix what I called them for, but he continued to hook up everything else without me asking him to do so. I was planning on doing that myself to save money. Thanks, Ryan, for doing a fantastic job. Kudo’s to you. You have won over a new customer, and I will certainly recommend you to my friends and family. Excellent service and a very respectful personality.

Dr. Sam,

plumber - water leak repair      We’ve been using Ryan for years, and his work is top-notch. R & r is the most dependable, affordable, and reliable plumber we have ever used. We have used them for our homes and our businesses. They did an excellent clean job plumbing our salon that we opened as well. We refer them to many friends, and everyone raves about them. And yes, they travel to the Inland Empire (Riverside & Corona!!! Thanks for the great service with a smile always! You guys rock!!!

Lisa M.,

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