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R&R Murrieta Plumbing Services

Bathtub Upgrades and Shower Upgrades

Does your bathtub or shower annoy you every time you want to take a bath due to its unsightly cracks and chips that keeps on multiplying? Finding a professional plumbing company that can replace your shower and/or bathtub can be a daunting task. Make the smart choice and call R&R Murrieta plumbers when you need a bathtub upgrade or shower upgrade.

Shower Repair and Drain Services

You need a proper fully functioning shower to start your day to day life. If you have to get ready for your work and find a clogged drain, loose faucet or the valves not working, then it can instantly put a damper on your mood and ruin your morning experience. If the clogging in the drain is severe, then it can even prevent you from showering altogether.

Water Filtration System – Whole House Water Filter

There is no need to buy bottled water anymore after R&R installs a whole house water purifier. R&R plumbers are known for the quality service we provide. After installing a high-quality filter, your family will enjoy many benefits. Every time you take a shower, you want to smell fresh and clean. Unfiltered water may contain rust sediments. It affects the smell and appearance of cleaning, cooking, laundry and showering water. Also, these sediments may affect the taste of your beverages such as juices, and coffee. It will change their taste. Our whole house water purifiers (Halo Water Systems) are designed with a pre-filter. The filter traps sediments and leaves your water with a better taste.

Hydro Jetting Service – Sewer Repair – Sewer Pipe Repair – Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement – Sewer & Drain Cleaning

A broken sewage system can cause chaos in the household. It is not a pleasant sight to see water rising from the basin. It is worse to see the shower flooding while you are having a bath. Many things can clog up the drain and flood your property. Plastic, large clumps of hair, paper, waste, and construction debris are some of the things that can cause the blockage.

Faucets Leaking — Leaky Faucets — Leaking Faucets

Most people ignore their Murrieta leaky faucets unless the noise keeps them up at night. That is a mistake as it will cost you. According to the California Water & Power Authority, a leaking faucet will add $15 to $40 a month to your home water bill. Call R&R Plumbing today for an affordable fix.

What Causes Low Water Pressure in Your House?

The plumbing in older homes built with steel or galvanized water piping systems are intended to last up to 20 years.  As time passes, this material will corrode and block the flow of water.  Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to this problem.  You must replace all the pipes that use that material.  R&R Plumbing has extensive experience replacing all the plumbing in a home.  We are professional and when we leave, your home will be left clean. If you would like R&R Murrieta Plumbing to check your water pressure, call at (951) 492-8609.

Ceiling Water Leak | Water Leak from Ceiling

Figuring out the source of a ceiling water leak could be considered a painful, expensive puzzle. You might expect that identifying the issue is simple enough, but finding the source of water coming into your home is typically a job of trial and error. The place that water enters your house might not be the source. Water will always follow the path of least resistance until it reaches a low point or obstruction in its path where it will pool and leak. When R&R Murrieta Plumbing looks at a water leak, we first eliminate the most obvious issues.

Broken Toilet Keeps Running – Toilet Water Running – Toilet Not Filling

What do I do with a leaking toilet, or broken Toilet? R&R Murrieta Plumbing is affordable and reliable for all types of plumbing needs. If you need someone to fix a toilet, we carry all the parts for toilet repair in our trucks.

Gas Leak Repair Company for Finding a Gas Leak and Gas Leak Fixing

Gas leaks increase the risk of explosions, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning at home, making them one of the most dangerous situations for your family. All of our Murrieta and Temecula master plumbers will isolate the gas leaks in your system and ensure the safety of your home so that you and your family have peace of mind and comfort. After the gas line repair has been completed, pressure testing verifies that all of your leaks have been corrected. R&R Plumbing is the Best Gas Leak Repair Company for Finding a Gas Leak and Gas Leak Fixing.

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