What do I do with a leaking toilet or broken Toilet?

R&R Murrieta Plumbing is affordable and reliable with all types of plumbing needs. Leaking toilets are typically fixed with parts that we carry in our trucks.

Your Toilet has many moving parts. As you know, moving parts will wear out and break. The most common complains are that murrieta leaking toilet murrieta - toilet will not flushthe toilet is leaking or the toilet will not stop running. If you have a second toilet, we highly recommend that you turn the water off to the toilet and call us at (951) 492-8609. Water can cause a lot of damage if it is allowed to drip.

Why does the toilet leak at the bottom?
When water leaks from under the toilet onto the floor, it can cause a great deal of structural damage. This is typically caused by a leaking seal or wax gasket. In some cases the problem is from other causes. The best thing to do is clean up the water and keep the floor as dry as possible. Then watch for where the water comes from. If it coming from under the toilet, it could be fixed by tightening the bolts holding the toilet to the floor. If that does not work, call R&R.

Why is the toilet running?
When your toilet flushes but the water keeps running, that can be associated with an easy and inexpensive problem to fix. With the water shortage, you don’t want to wasting a lot of water and allow the noise from the water flowing  to keep you up at night.  The first thing to look at is if your flapper valve in the bottom of the toilet has come disconnected or out of alignment.  You can fix this issue if you are careful.  If that does not work, call R&R and we can get your issue fixed very quickly.

Toilet will not flush?
The most common reason for flushing issues is the chain from the flush handle comes disconnected. It is usually easy to reattach. If that does not fix the problem, please call R&R Murrieta Plumbing.

All other toilet problems?
There are many other things that can break on a toilet. It is best when you get them fixed as early as possible as water can cause structural problems that will cost far more than a simple toilet repair.