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R&R is the expert for Garbage Disposal Repair and Leaking Garbage Disposal.

Most people recognize the benefits of garbage disposal. They are also one of the most problematic appliances in the kitchen. Our customers use us to fix broken garbage disposals. We also do their garbage disposal installation. They are not very expensive. We provide customers with info to choose between repair and disposal replacement. We can also help you select the right unit by analyzing the various models available.

Reliable Services

garbage disposal installation - garbage disposal hummingDisposal repairs are needed when the under-cutter disks are jammed (garbage disposal stuck). We can also repair leaking hoses and seals or if the impeller wears away. One of the most frequent calls we get is for garbage disposal leaking. Our master plumbers can save your garbage disposal with prompt repairs.

Repair or replacement is necessary when a disposal unit is misused. If you have a family, many dangerous items are put into sink disposals. It is also true for many businesses when employees use the same sink and garbage disposal. Accidents like these can cause the disposal to stop working. The primary culprit is grease, metal items, silverware, and fibrous foods. If the flywheel is jammed, you may be able to do a simple repair. Anything else needs to be looked at by a professional plumber. Incorrect service may cause your unit to burn out the electric motor. If it burns, you must do a garbage disposal installation.

Once in a while, garbage disposals will not start. Sometimes you will hear humming. When this happens, try to reset the disposal. The reset button is at the bottom of your garbage disposal units. Resetting the garbage disposal may resolve your problem. But, if issues occur, it may be time to call R and R Plumbing.

Full-Service Garbage Disposal Installation

Repair is the first thing we attempt for a your broken garbage disposal. If fixing garbage disposals are beyond restoration, we can always replace your unit. Garbage disposal installation from R&R Plumbing means fast, reliable service. Our service includes delivery of your brand-new garbage disposal. We have 20 years’ experience as your local Temecula and Murrieta CA plumbers service. We never create a mess in your home or place of business as we work for clients. Thus, forget your broom handle and a monkey wrench. Call us today for a FREE estimate on any work you may need. Remember that R&R is a 24-hour plumber and ready to help you any time of day.

Call R&R anytime at (951) 492-8609. We are the local expert for Garbage Disposal Repair. We are the local expert for Garbage Disposals.

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