Gas Leak Fix - Finding a Gas LeakFinding a Gas Leak

Natural gas is odorless. Gas companies add a “rotten egg” smell to the gas that is easy to identify. If you ever notice a rotten egg smell, call R&R immediately. We are professional leak detection plumbers offering repair and gas line repipe. We install gas line earthquake shut-off valves. We also set up carbon monoxide detectors and repair.

What to do when the Gas Company Shuts off your Gas Line (Gas Lockout)

If SoCalGas shuts off your gas because of a leak, call R&R to diagnose your system. We will then get a new permit and repair it. We will also be at your home for the SoCalGas inspection.

Warning About Gas Leaks

Gas leaks increase the risk of gas explosions, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning at home. Gas leaks are one of the most dangerous situations for your family. All our Murrieta and Temecula master plumbers will isolate the gas leaks in your system. They will not leave until they ensure the safety of your home. Your family can have peace of mind and comfort using R&R for your gas leak fix. When the gas line is repaired, we do a gas pressure test to verify that all your leaks are fixed. Call R&R next time you have a gas leak repair, gas leak fix, and finding a gas leak.

Do not hesitate! If you suspect you have a broken or cracked line, do not put off repairs. Take care of this right away. Give us a call at (951) 492-8609 if you need a leak repair.

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