Low Water Pressure

//Low Water Pressure

Low Water Pressure

Do It Yourself Test of Low Water Pressure at Just One Location

Check the faucet

  • Hold the faucet and remove the end.
  • Look at the screen (aerator) to see if there is any buildup of debris.
  • If the screen is clogged, you can either clean it, soak it in a water-vinegar solution or replace it.
  • Before you replace the screen, turn the water on to make sure there is no other debris.

What Causes Low Water Pressure

Often homeowners must deal with the issue of low water pressure in their house.  When you have low water pressure, simple daily activities get must harder to do.  They may include showering, washing dishes, watering the lawn, etc. Even more frustrating is finding the actual cause of low water pressure.

Some of the most typical causes of low water pressure include:

1. Debris and Mineral Buildup in Pipes
Sand, dirt, and pollutants are the most typical issue that clogs plumbing pipes. A home’s pipes will over time build up mineral deposits. These deposits are particularly problematic in older homes with steel pipes. Unfortunately, all kinds of pipes can get sediment build-up that can create a blockage.

Not everyone will be comfortable taking a pipe apart to look for a build-up problem.  As an alternative, you can call R&R Plumbing.  If you take this step and identify the problem as a buildup, you can go to your local hardware store and talk to their staff to find a chemical to flush your pipes with. Unfortunately, most of these chemicals are harsh and can cause other problems if they do not work.

2. Corrosion Inside Steel or Galvanized Piping
The plumbing in older homes built with steel or galvanized water piping is intended to last up to 20 years. As time passes, this material will corrode and block the flow of water. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to this problem. You must replace all the pipes that use that material. R&R Plumbing has extensive experience replacing all the plumbing in a home. We are professional, and when we leave, your home will be left clean.

3. Plumbing Leaks
When a home gets a plumbing leak, you will expect to get lower water pressure. To check if you have a plumbing leak, turn off all the water faucets both inside and outside your home. Once you are sure that all the faucets are off, write down your current water meter numbers. In a few hours, check the meter again. Check to see if the meter has changed. If so, you have a water leak. In this case, R&R has very sophisticated tools to identify where your leak may be found — even if it is buried in concrete.

4. Malfunctions from the Municipal Water Supply
There are times that the problem with a home’s water pressure has nothing to do with your pipes. Your municipal water supply could be having a problem.

The city water systems are just as prone to break down as your own home. Fortunately, it is easy to call them to check if there has been a problem on their end.

If you would like R&R Murrieta Plumbing to check your water pressure, call at (951) 492-8609.


Low Water Pressure
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Sand, dirt, and pollutants are the most typical issue that clogs plumbing pipes.  A home's pipes will to one extent or another build up mineral deposits.  This is particularly problematic in older homes with steel pipes.  Unfortunately, all kinds of pipes can get sediment build up that can create a blockage. If you would like R&R Murrieta Plumbing to check your water pressure, call at (951) 492-8609.
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