broken shower headYou need a proper fully functioning shower to start your day to day life. If you have to get ready for your work and find a clogged drain, loose faucet or the valves not working, then it can instantly put a damper on your mood and ruin your morning experience. If the clogging in the drain is severe, then it can even prevent you from showering altogether.

Bathrooms are no longer just a place to shower and get out either. Your bathroom can have highly sophisticated setup in which it can be difficult to locate the source of the problem. And many things can go wrong if you try to fix those problems yourself. That is why you should leave the shower repair services to R&R plumbing services. We will get your faucet fixed, your valves repaired and cleaned your drain in no time. We can provide some of the best shower repair services in town.

Shower repair and drain services

We are a licensed contractor who has a team of experts in their arsenal. We will diagnose the situation, clean your pipes and repair all kinds of plumbing issues. Customer satisfaction is very important to us; therefore if you are in need of a shower faucet repair, or need a shower valve replacement, then we will provide you with some of the best quality services and solve all your problems. You do not have to worry about us slacking on our jobs or cutting corners. We would get the job done and do it with extreme finesse.


We provide many services when it comes to shower repair and installation. Some of them include:

Our team of experts would are equipped with the latest equipment that would aid us in fixing your problems in the quickest and the most efficient possible way and without creating a mess. If you have a leak or require advance cleaning solutions, then be assured that we will find the leaks and provide you with all the top quality cleaning solutions.

Leak detection and repair services

No one wants to deal with plumbing and shower problems again and again. They can cause great nuisance and can be greatly disruptive. That is why people like you and me look for great value and reliability in the services. We bring that kind of high-quality value for service and reliability to the table. We are available 24*7. So, whenever you are in need of emergency services for shower repairs, just give us a quick call and we would be at your doorstep as quickly as possible.

Clogged drain cleaning and other services

All showers need a good drain. They are receptive to all kinds of soap and water and hair that could easily lead to clogging. So, if you have problems with your drain, then give us a call, and we will provide you with our drain cleaning services at extremely competitive price points.

Local plumbing services

broken shower headOur Hi-tech equipment allows us to provide you with reliable and affordable cleaning and repair services that would keep you satisfied for a long time. So, if you have that old bathtub that you love so much, but you don’t want to replace it anytime soon, then let us help you. We will repair it to the point where you can use your bathtub as if it were brand new.

Installing or repairing showers in the bathtubs would mean using waterproof, polyester resins that would seal all the cracks of the bathtub and prevent the water from leaking.
The repaired areas also need to blend well and compliment the design of the bathrooms. Showers can be the new place for luxury, but that wouldn’t be so if they stuck out like sore thumbs.

And performing that kind of a crafty and artistic task is what we are here for. We will make sure that all your bathroom accessories are all complimentary to each other and that together, they would bring out the true beauty of the bathroom.

Even if your showers or bathtubs aren’t broken, if you feel like they could do with some upgrading or improvement, then call us. We would examine and tell what all things that can be done to better enhance your showering experiences. We would make your bathroom look brand new again.

Our procedures are extremely simple, and our services are priced at highly lucrative price points. So, if you are having any problem with your showers, drains, bathtubs, pipes, plumbing etc., then do not hesitate. We are available 24*7 to help you get out of all your bathroom-related problems.