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Bathtub Upgrades and Shower Upgrades

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Bathtub Upgrades and Shower Upgrades

Does your bathtub or shower annoy you with unsightly cracks and chips? Do you have a hard time finding a plumbing company that can replace your shower and bathtub? Then, make the smart choice and call R&R Murrieta plumbers for an affordable shower or bath upgrade.

R&R Murrieta employs highly qualified plumbers. Each has extensive experience in the plumbing industry. Our customers have rewarded us with the most 5-star reviews of any plumber in the Temecula Valley. Our company’s goal is to make replacing your old bathtub and shower easy. The team we hire will help you achieve your dream bathroom that is stylish and elegant. We provide bathtub replacements as well as remodeling services. We will leave your bathroom sparkling clean and attractive at an affordable rate.

Our Shower Upgrade and Tub Upgrade Products

We have bathtubs and showers in a variety of styles and colors. You can choose from 100s of samples to suit your home decor. The bathtubs are designed with durable acrylic materials. They can withstand mold, dents, fading, and mildew. Our company also offers shower replacement and shower upgrade services.

shower replacement - shower upgrade
replacement shower - shower upgrade  Shower Remodeling

We install all kinds of showers. They range from eco showers to shower panels, mixers, and electric and digital showers. Our products are energy conservers, and thus you will spend less on your electricity. In addition, with R&R, you are guaranteed a product that has a limited lifetime warranty.

At R&R Murrieta plumbers, we also cater to people with limited mobility. We install walk-in tubs that are fitted with built-in seats and grab bars. They are designed for the elderly’s to take a bath safely and comfortably. The materials used to create these elements are resistant to everyday wear and tear.

Our Services

Our staff will visit your home that needs remodeling. We will help you choose the right bathtub or shower by listening to your preferences. We walk hand in hand with our clients helping them to choose their desired designs. R&R ensures that your choice is suited to your budget and desire.

The Team

Murrieta Plumber - clogged drain cleaningBefore recruiting our staff, we conduct a thorough background check. We ensure that whoever comes on board is respectful, honest, and trustworthy. Our crews are ready to serve you 24/7. We perform top-notch workmanship that guarantees your satisfaction. R&R has been in the plumbing industry for over 15 years. We became the most prominent Murrieta plumber by providing top-notch renovation services. We shall rescue you from dealing with non-licensed plumbers if you choose our company. R&R Murrieta plumbers are interested in offering the

Call our offices any time of the day at (951) 492 – 8609. R&R Murrieta customer care will be happy to arrange a visit to your location for a FREE quote. We offer services to both commercial and residential clients around Temecula. So if you need your shower or bathtub to be replaced, we are just a call away, and we shall be happy to serve you. The customer services we offer are legendary, and our prices are competitive.


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shower upgrade

It is hard to specify an average cost for a shower upgrade as it depends on what the homeowner is looking for. This year, we typically see upgrades go as low as $6,000 and as high as $25,000 for luxury appointments. Yes, this is quite a range! We recommend that you call us at (951) 234-7223 for a FREE Quote.

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