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The chances are that you are using hard water. You are washing and cleaning with a liquid packed with unwanted minerals and salts that can tarnish whatever they come across. If you have fancy cutlery, glassware, or even your hair, the chances are that they are damaged by now. Hard water is also bad for your skin.

That’s why you need water softeners installed in your house, and R&R plumbing is here to provide you with the best deals when it comes to water softener installations. Our installation services would get your water softener set up and do its job in no time.

What Does a Water Softener Do?

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A water softener would be attached to your house, after which all the water would pass through it. A typical softener would have a rock salt inside it through which the hard water will pass. As the hard water passes, the rock salt ionizes all the minerals and deposits of the water and makes the water light enough.

And now you can have simple, light, and clean water that would not deteriorate your hair and skin. These softeners are very good at their jobs, so R&R encourages their installment in every American household. We have a team that would help you get your soft water installation done in no time. You won’t realize what you have been missing until you try out the soft water.

Types of water softeners:

There are three types of softeners that you can find in any household.

Distillers: These use steam to purify their water. Because of this, they take time to work to remove all the minerals and salts that make the water hard. The bigger the machine is, the longer it can take the distiller to complete the steaming process. Therefore, distillers should be used only for minor purposes like drinking water.

Reverse osmosis: This is the kind of filter you can see pretty standard in most places. They are faster than distillers but can be challenging to maintain.

Whole house systems: These systems would be hooked to your pipes to collect all the water-hardening substances. It can be costlier than other softening solutions, but they are far easier to install and use. Once you install the whole house water softener, it will keep on lightening your water.

Why should you have a Soft Water System?

There are multiple benefits to using a water softener in your home. These include:

Hard Water causes corroded pipesProtects the pipes: Salt and minerals can corrode the pipes much faster than soft water. This can increase the maintenance cost of the pipes. To prevent hard water from damaging your pipes, install water softeners today.

Improves water quality: Installing a water softener improves the quality of the water you are using. Without minerals in the water, your soap will be better able to create foam. It also removes all the hassles of hard water crust on your shower walls, water glasses, wine glasses, etc.

Protects appliances better: Every appliance that comes into touch with hard water starts to degrade. Having water softeners ensure that your water-based appliances are safe from the effects of hard water damage. This improves their lifespan and makes them work effectively for a much longer time.

Call our experts for soft water installation services to protect your home from being eaten away by hard water.

When do I Need It?

There is no specific time at which you should get a water softener. That decision is wholly dependent upon you. But, it is advised that you get the water softener installation done as soon as possible so that your kitchen and plumbing appliances live for much longer.

However, notice that you are getting rashes on your skin or is starting to itch and burn after you use water. It could be because of the onset of an allergic reaction to all the elements present in hard water. Or, if your hair starts to fall a lot, it could be because of the salts in the hardware. In any situation, don,t hesitate and call the R&R Plumber immediately. Our water softener installation services will ensure that your skin and hair are well preserved.

Our team of dedicated experts can help you decide what kind of water softener units would best suit you. We guarantee that the water softeners installed by us will give you years of service.

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