No need to buy bottled water anymore after R&R installs a whole-house water purifier. R&R plumbers are known for the quality service we provide. After installing a high-quality filter, your family will enjoy many benefits.

Safe and clean water

Our bodies contain 70% water, and thus we always need to keep our bodies hydrated. Very often, the water we ingest includes harmful chemicals. Water quality is different for each water district. The typical chemicals found are carcinogenic and include:

  • Whole House Water Filters, Water Filtration System, Water Purifiers, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Water Filter SystemAluminum: Aluminum pipes are preferred. They are used by many water purifying institutions to deliver water to homes. Their popularity is due to their ability to withstand corrosion and rust. Not putting water through a water filter will increase the risks of aluminum-related diseases. These include Alzheimer’s, skin problems, and learning disabilities in children.
  • Lead: Lead has been categorized as a metal with significant health implications. It can result in delayed developmental growth in children. It is also known to increase blood pressure and kidney problem. The water absorbs this toxic metal as it passes through old pipes.
  • Chlorine: Chlorine is added to water to kill germs and make it safe for drinking. It irritates the eyes and skin if the water is used for cleaning and bathing. R&R whole house water purifiers can remove more than 96% of the chlorine from the water. Besides, our purifiers can remove all the issues that chlorination tries to address.
  • Fluoride: Fluoride is added to water by most water-purifying plants due to oral health. Nonetheless, its continual ingestion can lead to a weak immune system. Some say it increases the rate of aging. Our whole-house water purifiers ensure that your body stays strong. It will reduce this chemical to acceptable levels.


Better Taste and Smell

Every time you take a shower, you want to smell fresh and clean. Unfiltered water may contain rust sediments. It affects the smell and appearance of cleaning, cooking, laundry, and showering water. Also, these sediments may affect the taste of your beverages, such as juices and coffee. It will change their taste. Our whole-house water purifiers (Halo Water Systems) are designed with a pre-filter. The filter traps sediments and leaves your water with a better taste.


Temecula Water Quality

Temecula Valley tap water complied with the federal health-based water drinking standards. The report showed some contaminants that exceeded the health guidelines. The state and federal health authorities established these guidelines. These contaminants included arsenic, bromodichloromethane, chloroform, and chromium dibromochloromethane. Other pollutants include trichloroacetic acid, total trihalomethanes, radiological contaminants, and dichloroacetic acid. The contaminants come from industries, agriculture, runoff, and urban sprawl. A vital step to protect your family’s health is a reverse osmosis purifier. You can get this installed in a kitchen or a whole house water filter.


R&R Plumbers Installs and Repairs Whole House Water Filters. We also install Water Filtration Systems. We also offer Water Purifiers and Reverse Osmosis Systems. Talk to us about Water Filter systems, and Halo Water Systems.

  1. Halo Pure Deluxe: This is a whole house filter (water filter system). It filters your entire household water. It removes chlorine, chloramines, and all the other contaminants listed above. Best of all, it does not extract the good minerals that reverse osmosis units remove. After filtration, the water is crystal clear and with great taste. It is designed with premium-grade carbon media. Each one comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  2. Halo Mini-Series: This unit is the same as the Delux version but is intended to be used in smaller homes. It’s designed to filter carbon elements and rust sediments from water. Water is safe for bathing, drinking, and cooking. The Halo Mini-Series has a magnetic conditioner. It inhibits corrosion, dissolves existing scales, and controls the formation of new ones.
  3. Halo Pure: This unit is a premium grade whole house carbon filter. It will solve chlorine problems. These units are effective at reducing chlorination by-products. It removes chloramines and chlorine added to make water safe for drinking.

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