What is Slab Leak Repair?

A slab leak is when a pressurized water pipe underneath the foundation of your home develops a break. These leaks are the hardest to identify and repair. R&R has more 5-star reviews for slab leak repairs than any other local plumber.

Why do I have a slab leak?

Slab breaks are caused by a reaction between moving water and copper pipes. This conclusion comes from inspecting 100s of slab breaks. Other factors go into the cause of a slab breaks. These include installation, water quality, soil composition, and moisture content in your area. When a slab leak is identified, it should be a priority before it causes too much damage.

How do you locate a slab leak?

We use our experience with installing water pipes to find the location of slab leaks. Our high tech equipment makes us your best choice to locate slab leaks. We will identify the exact location of your slab leak.

slab leak repair - water leak detectionHow can you detect water leaks?

We use all common industry fixes. These include direct repair and rerouting of Temecula slab leaks. First, we locate the break and isolate it. The goal is to achieve the least expensive, best repair possible.

What will my home owner’s insurance policy cover?

The #1 rule before calling your insurance is to have R&R Plumbing assess the situation. Through years of experience, we will help you deal with your insurance company. We will help maximize your claim. You can plan on your insurance paying for your break detection. Often they will pay for the entire repair. Every situation is different, and we can guide you in the best option for your particular case.

How much does it cost to find and repair?

Our company is happy to answer general quote related questions over the phone. Most of the time, we have to see the leak to provide a FREE quote.

How long does the repair take?

We can almost always complete Temecula slab leaks on the first visit. A slab leak repair will include an initial visit to locate the problem. We will advise you on the best course of action for your particular situation. Sometimes fixing a leak can be completed the same day. Other times it will require us returning the following day to perform the actual repair.

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